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Sarah Komers

Sarah Komers

Founder of Mom Culture

Mom to Lily, Remy & Fletcher

If you haven't heard of Mom Culture yet, or purchased anything from Sarah's online shop, you're missing out! We own 2 of her t-shirts ourselves that say "Raise Good Humans" and "Motherhood: Winging it" and wear them with pride. 

Sarah was born with a serious stubborn streak and individualistic nature. As soon as she could dress herself, she did. Cut, stitch, rip, pin, shred, dye...she had to "alter" every piece of clothing. Life zoomed by and she now has three beautiful children: "Lily Pie", "Rem Dog" and "Fletchy." In her own words, "I started this company for them. And, I started it for moms like me who give our all to raising tiny humans to the best of our ability. 

We couldn't be more thrilled to share her story on her path to starting Mom Culture, her return to work, and what she's most proud of. When you're done reading, don't forget to head over to Mom Culture and buy something for yourself or a mom friend!

The Returnity Project: Tell us a little bit about yourself and Mom Culture. 


Sarah Komers: I'm a SoCal wifey and mama to three tiny humans Lily 11, Remy 9 and Fletcher 5. I’m a former hairdresser and Jill of many trades, turned #mompreneur!  I always dreamed of owning my own little shop, but I never thought it would be online. That's the beauty of dreams...sometimes they come true in unexpected ways.

TRP: What inspired you to create Mom Culture, and what gave you the courage to start your own business? 


SK: My path to starting Mom Culture wasn't really all sunshine and roses, to be perfectly honest.  I had just had my last baby and suffered from a retained placenta that wasn't properly treated, but that's a tale for another time ladies. 


Once I came back from that scary experience, I had a new outlook on my life and how precious it all can be. I had been dealing with a toxic maternal relationship with my own mother for years and after my experience, I gained the strength and wisdom to finally walk away and start fresh on my life and my dreams. 


I truly loved motherhood and fully embraced it with my first two babies, but by the time I had Fletcher and faced my own mortality, I wanted more for myself and my creative side again. I had been a hobbyist sewer and creator for years. It was all because of the love and encouragement from my sweet husband and supportive friends suggesting I sell my wares, I went for it!  In December of 2013, we launched my little online dream called WeeStructed.  It's been full steam ahead since then.



TRP: Many of the stories we’ve share on The Returnity Project focus on both the challenges and beautiful moments of motherhood; specifically the return to work. What was the return to work like for you?


SK: My return to the workforce looked a lot different than the average mother returning to work.  I was building a business and job from scratch with no set schedule, no real rules and only myself to account for it all. 


The early years were hard. I was nursing a newborn, dropping off a first grader and a preschooler at two different schools and doing my “job” during nap times and in-between carpools. Somehow, I survived and found the stamina to keep going in those early days.  It took a lot of coffee, late nights and so much support but it can be done with a whole lot of hustle and even more heart for what you’re trying to do.



TRP: What advice would you give to other working moms?


SK: Buy paper plates.  Seriously… it’s a lifesaver, ladies!!!!  In all seriousness, my advice is always to just start.  The timing is never right with motherhood to go back to work. Whether it is the necessity or desire to work, you just have to start mama.  There is no secret sauce and I personally laugh at the working mom balance because I believe it’s a myth, it doesn’t fully exist. 


My advice is simply to do what you can each day and let that be enough.  Some days you’ll conquer the work load AND the laundry load. When on other days, you’ll be lucky if you answered a single email and remembered to bring the class donations.  It’s okay to NOT do it ALL every day.  I find that making a list of one big daily goal and a few small ones the way to be successful and accomplish tasks.

TRP: What are you most proud of?


SK: Wow, what am I most proud of, that’s a hard one.  I have a rough time with allowing myself to feel pride. I think it’s part of my upbringing, but I’m working on it. I guess I’m honestly most proud of how far I’ve come. I had zero formal training, no college degree, no business training and yet I’m running a company with three employees now it’s kind of crazy. 


I love the pride I see on my daughter’s face. She’s the oldest and understands what I do so much more than my boys do.  When we did our grand opening/pop-up shop, she borrowed my phone and did a video which she posted on her Instagram account. She was so excited for her mama. Seeing her little face light up as she talked about how many people came to our event and how proud she was of me was truly everything in that moment. I was beyond proud that my daughter sees a strong woman raising her following passions while mothering. That is the gravy.

TRP: Anything else you want to share?


SK: t’s kind of on repeat but I want to share that you “cannot pour from an empty cup, mama” you must fill yours up to be the best YOU for your family. We’re all about self-care this year at Mom Culture.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate days at the spa or expensive girls’ trips.  Self-care comes in whatever form fills you up. Maybe it’s a yoga class, a day away, reading a book or simply taking 10 minutes with your headphones on listening to music or a podcast to reset yourself.  Whatever it is, you MUST do it mama.

Sarah Komers

Founder of Mom Culture

Learn more at the Mom Culture site today!

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