We're Lauren & Lindsay

We're former colleagues who live on opposite sides of the country. While both pregnant with little girls, due only a few weeks apart, we met at a team event and connected immediately. We spent the rest of our pregnancy and maternity leaves supporting each other through each new phase of motherhood, and quickly became one another's life lines. This was true more than ever when we returned to work from maternity leave.

Becoming mothers has been one of the greatest joys of our lives, yet has challenged us in the most profound ways. Throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the early newborn days, it was easy to find information and support to guide us through those chapters. But when it came to returning to work at the end of maternity leave, we felt like we were on our own.

Thankfully we had one another. And supportive partners and families and managers and employers. But it was still a gut wrenching and emotional experience that left us questioning our careers and longing to be with our daughters. We realized that if we felt this way in supportive circumstances, then there must be more women out there struggling too.

So we created The Returnity Project with the goal of sharing stories. The more we shared our vulnerabilities with working moms, we learned we were not alone. Today, we continue to focus on sharing real stories about returning to work and working motherhood, along with resources, features and more.

Though we were supporting thousands of women through our platform, it felt like were only hitting the tip of the iceberg. So in late summer 2019, we launched Returnity Kits to give women returning to work from maternity leave even more support. Our kits focus on products, resources and community for working moms, and have been a meaningful evolution in our mission.

Two years after returning to work from maternity leave, we're glad that we overcame our difficult returnity transitions, as our lives feel full having both careers and motherhood intertwined together. But that doesn't mean the road was easy, and we're committed to not only supporting working moms, but to push for changes to workplaces, gender dynamics and career opportunities to continue to support women who want to work and raise families.

This is only the beginning. Thank you for being part of this journey and this community.

XOXO Lauren & Lindsay