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Our Story

In 2017, Lauren welcomed her first daughter, Olivia to the world. Becoming a mother quickly became the greatest joy of her life, but also challenged her in the most profound ways. Throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the early newborn days, it was easy to find information and support to guide her through those chapters. But when it came to returning to work at the end of maternity leave, she felt like she was on her own. 

She was devastated to have to leave Olivia to head back to work. It was a gut wrenching and emotional experience that left her questioning her career and longing to be with her daughter. And this was with supportive partners, families, manager and a progressive employer. She realized that if she felt this way in supportive circumstances, then there must be more women out there struggling too. 

This is when The Returnity Project was born with one goal; to share the stories behind the return to work so no mother felt alone in her journey. If she helped just one mom, it would be worth it. 

Today, hundreds of stories have been shared and The Returnity Project continues to focus on sharing these real stories about returning to work and working motherhood. They also launched Returnity Kits to give parents tangible support when returning to work from parental leave. The Kits focus on the products, resources and community needed to thrive through the return to work. 

The Returnity Project is committed to not only supporting working parents, but to push for changes to workplaces, gender dynamics and career opportunities to continue to support women who want to work and raise families.

This is only the beginning. Thank you for being part of this journey and this community.

XOXO Lauren

Mom to Olivia (4) & Emily (7 months)

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