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Mom to Celeste

Director of Marketing

Length of maternity leave: 6-months

Childcare: Daycare

What did you struggle with most about returning to work after having your kids?

After having my daughter, I struggled with adjusting the constant checklist in my head. Not everything could get checked off as quickly when I was working again. Your time at home is limited when you're a working mom but your checklist grows!

What do you find difficult about being a working parent?

Time seems to feel more fleeting. You have less hours at home with your sweet baby to build memories. It's forced me to live in the moment which is not my norm.

What do you enjoy about being a working parent?

I love feeling like an inspiration to my baby girl. One week after I returned from a glorious 6 month (almost fully paid!!) mat leave I was offered an opportunity to switch departments and be promoted. I accepted the challenge! I hope my daughter sees that being a hard-working woman is empowering.

After being back at work for some time, have your views about career and family changed?

No, which is nice! I still love to work. I still love my family! It's about establishing healthy boundaries. For instance, when I have to leave at the end of the day, I leave. Working late at the office isn't an option anymore. I also told my (brand new) boss I can only be gone two nights once a quarter. He understood and felt that was very reasonable!

Knowing what you know now, what’s one thing you wish you could go back in time and tell yourself as you were preparing to return to work or getting ramped up in your role?

It will be okay! You still the brilliant woman you were before having a sweet girl, but now you're 10x stronger!

What did you choose for childcare, and how has it been for your family?


I felt guilty about daycare at first, but knew we had done great due diligence when we picked them. You feel bad you are missing out on so much. 5 days a week, 8 hours a day is SO MUCH TIME! But the women who take care of my daughter ROCK! They are strong, beautiful women that are also great role models. She gets extra love and they've been incredibly helpful answering my first-time mom, how the heck do I do this, types of questions.

Find your working mom tribe! I have a friend I can vent to or openly tell her my anxiety thoughts and she sets me straight and makes me feel heard. I also connected with other working mom's who offer support, more than they know!

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