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Feeding & Pumping

Breastfeeding tips

Resources + Product Recommendations

Breastfeeding can be a lonely journey leaving you extremely frustrated. From trying to get the baby to latch in the hospital (love those lactation consultants coming in hot), to your milk coming in when you get home leaving you engorged, it's easy to feel lost in the process all together. 

This is something many women struggle with and the pressure in society today around this is extremely high. We believe that fed is best, and a happy baby is a healthy baby. If you do choose to breastfeed, here are some resources that may help you sourced by mothers across the U.S. 

Helpful Books + Websites



  • Madela Hydrogel Pads:  Instant Cooling Relief for Tender Nipples. These will change your life in the early stages of breastfeeding. 

  • Nursing Bras: Brought to you by the wonderful Target, these nursing bras are the most comfortable  you'll own. 

Pumping at work

Pro Tips + Products


  • ​Bring extra clothes or keep a spare in your car; don't learn this the hard way!

  • Communicate your pumping schedule to your manager so they know what to expect. A good manager will work around your schedule and support you.

  • Ask for a private space to pump if you don’t already have one. The law requires employers to provide a place that is NOT a bathroom. It must be completely private so that no one can see inside the space and no one is able to enter the space while it’s being used. More info on the law here


  • A hands free pump bra is life-changing

    • Pump Bra

    • Pump & Nurse Bra

  • This breast milk storage kit makes it easy to go from pumping to the refrigerator to the bottle.

  • The Fifth Trimester - this book has some great tips with a full chapter dedicated to traveling & pumping, including real stories from women who've been through it!

  • Work. Pump. Repeat. - an entire book dedicated to pumping at work? Sign us up!

Formula & Bottle Feeding

Our favorite products

  • ​These days, there's lots of great formula out there. We loved US made Baby's Only formula.

  • Thank you to the creative people who constantly figure out ways to make our lives easier. This bottle stores your formula, and pops it into the bottle when baby's hungry! The convenience!

  • For the breastfed babies having a hard time transitioning to a bottle, we have loyalist who've said the Comotomo was the only bottle that worked for their babes.

  • This is one to put on your registry. Imagine a Keurig and bottle warmer rolled into one. The lamborghini of baby formula devices that perfectly measures, mixes and warms your baby's bottle. May we introduce the Baby Brezza.

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