How to navigate hard conversations, decisions and your career path when you return to work from maternity leave.


Is Part-Time Right For You?

If you're looking for more flexibility at work, here are things to consider when deciding if a part-time role is right for you.

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Suzanne Brown

Advice from an HR leader

Everything you need to know about maternity leave and returning to work from an expert in the HR space!


Jennifer Rucker Stanley

From Full-Time to Part-Time

We spoke with four women who negotiated their jobs to part-time & are sharing advice for others to follow.


The Returnity Project 

Live.Work.Lead Feature

Her turbulent experience returning to work in the finance industry motivated her to start her own business.


Mary Beth Ferrante

Dear Working Mom

A manager's letter to her employees on the day they return to work from Maternity leave. You are enough. 


Blake Beers

Men Advocating Real Change

Learn how the MARC program gets men involved to be part of the solution of gender bias in the workplace.


The Returnity Project