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It's never easy to leave your baby (even if you're excited for a second about that hotel bed slumber). We're providing you with tips, products and resources to help make business travel as a working mom as easy as possible! 

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The Fifth Trimester

A funny, tells-it-like-it-is guide for new mothers coping with the demands of returning to the real world after giving birth with honest, funny, and comforting advice from 800 moms.

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ellie is a new app where parents can create and join groups, share advice, schedule meet-ups and connect as individuals.

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Pick Three

Randi Zuckerberg outlines how prioritizing three out of five (Work, Friends, Family, Fitness, Sleep) of the major life goals helps get rid of guilt and stress. 

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Milk Stork makes it easy to get your breast milk home when you’re away on business.

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Work. Pump. Repeat

This book is a survival guide for working, breastfeeding moms. 

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